Ships at Work {Free eBook}

Ships at Work {Free eBook}

Ships at Work {Free eBook}I suppose it was while reading Dana’s Two Years Before the Mast that I first realized how much I didn’t know about ships: mainmast, mizzenmast, stern, bow, port side, starboard side, lee-ward — pronounced “loo-urd” — and fore-castle, which is really pronounced “foke-sull.” If you have the same problem — or you have a child interested in the sea — start with Ships at Work by Mary Elting Folsom, a free eBook covering ships from bow to stern.

Besides sea lingo, you’ll also learn about:

  • The various jobs done on a ship.
  • Standing watch.
  • Daily routines.
  • Whalers.
  • Various types of ships.
  • Charts.
  • Code flags.
  • More!

Just a quick perusal of the index will give you an idea of how much is covered in this short book.

Wonderful introduction to all things ships — and free!

Free eBook


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