Things to Do: November

Things to Do November

Time for family, stories, crafts, thankfulness, and Thanksgiving celebrations!

  1. Enjoy a great read about Abraham Lincoln {review & go-along activities}.
  2. Prepare for winter by making a bird feeder.
  3. Get outside with these six ways to encourage active recreation.
  4. Older students can learn the background behind the hydrogen bomb (November 1).
  5. Download these 7 free Thanksgiving stories.
  6. March along with John Philip Sousa (November 7).
  7. Learn the art of napkin folding in time for the holidays.
  8. Explore Pike’s Peak (November 15).
  9. Enjoy one of these 6 Thanksgiving read-alouds.
  10. Make thankful pumpkins!
  11. Put an eye on the sky with Hubble and telescopes (November 20).
  12. Create an alliterating pyramid poem about things you are thankful for.
  13. Learn what gerrymander means and more about the man for whom the word is named (November 23).
  14. Make pumpkin pie … in a cup!
  15. Read about the Pilgrims’ journey.
  16. Enjoy one of these free eBooks (and activities):
  17. Take advantage of one of these great finds: