The Baby’s Own Aesop {Free eBook}

The Baby’s Own Aesop {Free eBook}

The Baby’s Own Aesop {Free eBook}The collection of fables we attribute to the Greek slave Aesop number over 700. These simple tales with a moral have entertained humanity for centuries. Though originally aimed at adults, it is thought that sometime after the Renaissance they became a form of entertainment for children while at the same time teaching simple morals. The Baby’s Own Aesop illustrated by Walter Crane is a small collection of these tales.

We introduce our children to fables as a way to simply illustrate moral truths. But for the educator, the fables also provide a way to practice skills, by utilizing:

While our favorite book of Aesop’s fables continues to be the collection illustrated by Milo Winter, some may find this smaller collection to be the perfect introduction to the simple tales we carry from childhood.


Free eBook


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The Baby’s Own Aesop {Free eBook}Baby’s Own Aesop Illustrated by Walter Crane
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