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Daily Lesson Plans in English {Free eBook}

Daily Lesson Plans in English {Free eBook}

Daily Lesson Plans in English {Free eBook}

Here is an English language text that is a perfect fit for the busy homeschool mom who wants to encourage her children to write something every day. Daily Lesson Plans in English by Caroline Griffin provides an English language lesson geared toward grades 1–4 for each day of the year October through June.

The lessons are separated into weeks and include:

The lessons also cover learning about a wide variety of topics, such as civic institutions, animals, seeds, months, weather, Pilgrims, thankfulness, signs of winter, and other subjects that are typically appropriate to the season.

Copywork and memorization pieces include works by Dickens, Coleridge, Stevenson, Tennyson, and many other familiar names.

This is one book that is easy to pick up and use with very little preparation, but that will have your child writing every day. Highly recommended and free!

Free eBook

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