Things to Do: October

Things to Do: October

Fall fun with celebrations, falling leaves, hibernation, and over a dozen free downloads!

  1. Balance a checkbook.
  2. Explore shapes.
  3. Make a bird feeder — out of a pumpkin!
  4. Watch an internal combustion engine in action {free unit study} (October 3).
  5. Use these 20 ways to choose a creative writing topic.
  6. Add life to your history studies.
  7. Celebrate Columbus Day {free unit study} (October 14).
  8. Practice the parts of speech with a diamond poem.
  9. Creatively and effectively educate your gifted learner at home.
  10. Explore portmanteau words.
  11. Easily add art appreciation to the mix with these 8 simple tips.
  12. Study with Einstein {free unit study} (October 17).
  13. Interact with literature by exploring cause and effect.
  14. Identify real learning with these 7 characteristics.
  15. Create a timeline.
  16. Learn about vacuum tubes, the precursor to today’s compact electronics {free unit study} (October 20).
  17. Tackle some confusing words: Perplexing Prefixes, Parts of Speech, & Shades of Meaning.
  18. Draw something with Crayola {free unit study} (October 23).
  19. Check out these tips for developing your own unique homeschool approach.
  20. Take a new look at picture study.
  21. View life under a microscope {free unit study} (October 24).
  22. Help your student think critically.
  23. Find balance.
  24. Visit Nevada {free unit study} (October 31).
  25. Review what happens during a Presidential election.
  26. Save money around the home {20 Easy Ways}.
  27. Enjoy one of these free eBooks (and activities):
  28. Explore these 10 tips for living on one income while homeschooling.
  29. Take advantage of one of these great finds:


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