Things to Do: October

Things to Do October

Fall fun with celebrations, falling leaves, hibernation, and over a dozen free downloads!

  1. Balance a checkbook.
  2. Explore shapes.
  3. Watch an internal combustion engine in action (October 3).
  4. Add life to your history studies.
  5. Celebrate Columbus Day (October 9).
  6. Practice the parts of speech with a diamond poem.
  7. Creatively and effectively educate your gifted learner at home.
  8. Explore portmanteau words.
  9. Incorporate art appreciation with these 8 simple tips.
  10. Study with Einstein (October 17).
  11. Identify real learning with these 7 characteristics.
  12. Create a timeline.
  13. Learn about vacuum tubes, the precursor to today’s compact electronics (October 20).
  14. Tackle some confusing words: Perplexing Prefixes, Parts of Speech, & Shades of Meaning.
  15. Draw something with Crayola (October 23).
  16. Check out these tips for developing your own unique homeschool approach.
  17. Take a new look at picture study.
  18. View life under a microscope (October 24).
  19. Help your student think critically.
  20. Find balance.
  21. Visit Nevada (October 31).
  22. Review what happens during a Presidential election.
  23. Save money around the home {20 Easy Ways}.
  24. Enjoy one of these free eBooks (and activities):
  25. Take advantage of one of these great finds: