Things to Do: September

Things to Do September

Start the year with cute read-alouds, free unit studies, fun celebrations, and helpful resources!

  1. Draw with Millet (free eBook & go-alongs).
  2. Visit the Chicago World’s Fair (September 4).
  3. Make your own ABC book.
  4. Pump gasoline (September 5).
  5. Make way for ducklings (free video & activities).
  6. Enjoy the works of Grandma Moses (September 7).
  7. Experiment with the “Father of Electronics” (review & activities).
  8. Hug a grandparent (September 11).
  9. Play with Ginger Pye (book suggestions & activities).
  10. Become a junior spy (September 18).
  11. Learn how to correctly use hyphenated compounds.
  12. Pop some popcorn (September 19).
  13. Give a mouse a cookie (book activities).
  14. Celebrate Constitution Day (September 19).
  15. Learn how to correctly use the em dash.
  16. Travel to Delaware (September 20).
  17. Take advantage of one of these great finds: