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Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin {$2.99}

Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin {$2.99}

If you missed the sale last month, Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin by Marguerite Henry is again available on Kindle for only $2.99. If you don’t have a Kindle you can still read the book on your computer or another device.

This favorite book by one of our favorite authors tells the story of artist Benjamin West, who from a young age loved to draw. His artistic talents were not always appreciated by his Quaker family. But over time even the community in which he lived came to understand and support his God-given gift.

The title comes from the fact that, in search of a better paintbrush, West found the perfect solution — hair from his cat’s tail!

Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin is a perfect addition to the Benjamin West section of our free history studies — and currently it’s only $2.99!


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