10 Favorite Finds {2016–2017}

10 Favorite Finds {2016–2017}

10 Favorite Finds {2016–2017}

Ten favorite finds from the archives:


1. 100 Lapbook Templates {Free}100 Editable Lapbook Templates {Free}



2. Self-Teaching Handwriting Course {Free}Self-Teaching Handwriting Course {Free}



3. Handwriting Worksheet Creator {Free} Handwriting Worksheet Creator {Free}



4. Full Electronics Course…Free! Full Electronics Course {Free!}



5. Create Your Own Worksheets {Free} Create Your Own Worksheets {Free}



6. 6 Winnie-the-Pooh Printables {Free}6 Winnie-the-Pooh Printables {Free}



7. My State {Free Unit Study}My State {Free Unit Study}




8. Tale of Peter Rabbit Coloring Book {Free}
No longer available. But there is an inexpensive alternative.


9. Printable Paper {Featured Site}DIYHsr Featured Site




10. ABC Book Maker {Free}ABC Book Maker {Free}