6 Ways to Involve Dad

6 Ways to Involve Dad

6 Ways to Involve Dad

For most of us, the day-to-day homeschooling routine revolves around Mom. It is Mom who plans the courses, sets up the schedules, chooses the materials, tutors the children, addresses character issues, and manages the home. It is also Mom who carries the burden of the perceived success or failure of the homeschool! Keeping Dad involved comes with many advantages. Here are 6 ways to involve Dad:

1. Dad can set the broad course and keep to it.
This helps Mom look beyond the day-to-day ups and downs.

2. Dad can set the limits on spending and keep them.
This helps Mom refrain from impulsive curriculum purchasing and encourages her to first try other alternatives when solving an issue.

3. Dad can be a sounding board.
It is easy to run to the message boards and post a “which one is better”-type question. You’ll receive lots of responses…based on what worked for someone else’s children. But Dad knows YOUR children! Take advantage of his insight.

4. Dad can contribute his personal area of expertise.
Take advantage of this! In some families, Dad is the math tutor, the science lab instructor, or he runs shop. Work together to find areas where Dad can assume responsibility.

5. Dad can provide accountability.
Each child can provide Dad with a narration of something studied, a synopsis of his day, an area of improvement, or an area that requires some work. Dad’s encouragement can go a long way in boosting a child’s confidence.

6. Dad can plan the really neat projects!
Have Dad pull the children alongside to work with him on something he enjoys or has always wanted to do. The children will benefit from his enthusiasm and time — and will walk away with wonderful memories!