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Construct-A-Word Phonics Interactive {Free}

Construct-A-Word Phonics Interactive {Free}

One of the ways to approach phonics recommended by Ruth Beechick is to have the student learn just a few sounds, then add a letter and blend. Construct-A-Word, an interactive at, provides an easy way for students to practice blending!

After logging in with a first name, students select an ending to work with. Then they choose beginnings that will make a word to put in the word bank. The number of words left to find is shown.

Once all of the required words are found, the student can print the list of words or add more words to his list by selecting another ending.

Simple and easy practice alternative — and free!

  • Have your child say the word out loud, blending as explained in Teach a Child to Read: The Natural Way.
  • If your child is handling a pencil well, then he might like to make his own notebooking page with the list of words instead of printing them.

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