Things to Do: May

Things to Do: May

Enjoy free unit studies covering art, history, limericks, science, and geography, along with free eBooks, and great finds!

  1. Visit with Leonardo da Vinci (May 2).
  2. March through Russian snows with Napoleon (May 5).
  3. Make Stone Soup {free book activities}.
  4. Find out where the buck stops from Harry S. Truman (May 8).
  5. Travel on the Transcontinental Railroad (May 10).
  6. Write limericks with Edward Lear (May 12).
  7. Settle Jamestown (May 14).
  8. Find out how glass is made (May 16).
  9. Learn about volcanoes and the Mt. Saint Helens eruption (May 18).
  10. Find out what happens when the earth passes through the tail of Halley’s comet (May 19).
  11. Learn more about impressionism from Mary Cassatt (May 22).
  12. Brush up on your tornado safety facts (May 25)!
  13. Discover the state of Montana (May 26).
  14. Enjoy A Time of Wonder {free book activities}.
  15. Visit Nebraska (May 30).
  16. Download these free eBooks {and go-alongs!}:
  17. Visit with Harry the Dirty Dog {Free Video & Activities}.
  18. Make use of these great finds: