The Way They Learn

The Way They Learn

The Way They Learn

Cynthia Ulrich Tobias has a master’s degree in education and has been talking learning styles for over 30 years! Subtitled How to Discover and Teach to Your Child’s Strengths, The Way They Learn serves as a good first source for understanding the way your child learns.

The author explores various learning-style models — including Gregorc’s concrete sequential, abstract sequential, abstract random, and concrete random; Swassing-Barbe’s auditory, visual, and kinesthetic; Witkin’s analytic and global; and Gardner’s multiple intelligences. Each model is explained, and the book guides us toward utilizing what will work from each.

Checklists and characteristic grids help us identify the way our children learn, remember things, process information, and concentrate, and how we can best use this information to relate to them.

Sprinkled with anecdotal humor, The Way They Learn provides us with another tool to help us improve and perfect our methods in reaching each individual child.