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What Type of Learner Do You Have? {Free Infographic}

What Type of Learner Do You Have? {Free Infographic}

Want to be able to tell at a glance why your child just isn’t getting a concept?  Consult this free infographic from Online College:  What Type of Learner Are You?

Knowing the learning styles of our students can help us better understand how they process information and learn new skills.  Presenting  information in a way that agrees with a child’s learning style may help him understand an elusive-to-him concept.

People learn in a variety of ways.  Identifying and understanding your learning style can help you maximize your educational experiences by finding ways to make learning more efficient.

While we don’t want to cater to just one style of learning, we can use this information as yet another tool in our tutor’s toolbox.

We’ve added this great infographic to our Learning Styles page where you’ll find more information, articles, and book recommendations.