Things to Do: April

Things to Do: April

Get out and enjoy the warmer weather with free unit studies covering nature, science, history, and music, along with free eBooks, and great finds!

  1. Travel with the Pony Express (April 3).
  2. View the sky with a free eBook and printables.
  3. Explore the Domino Theory (April 7).
  4. Learn more about the man and the science behind solar cycles (April 11).
  5. Improve your dictionary skills with Webster (April 14).
  6. Experiment with earthquake science and learn more about the Great San Francisco Earthquake (April 18).
  7. Enjoy a book study on the Little Red Hen.
  8. Learn about sun dogs with this free light & optics unit (April 20).
  9. Understand learning styles.
  10. Learn about the Spanish-American War (April 21).
  11. Stay well-rounded!
  12. Get in involved in the race for land with the Oklahoma Land Rush (April 22).
  13. Provide your children with a natural beginning!
  14. Listen to “Peter and the Wolf” (April 23).
  15. Make an investment in your children.
  16. Explore the world of birds with Audubon (April 26).
  17. Learn chronological science through biographies!
  18. Learn about the end of World War II and the Treaty of San Francisco (April 28).
  19. Grab these 3 tips for setting the atmosphere in your home.
  20. Explore the ramifications of the Louisiana Purchase (April 30).
  21. Download these free eBooks {and go-alongs!}:
  22. Travel back to the time of knights and castles with this free unit based on a free award-winning eBook.
  23. Make use of these great finds: