10 Ways to Read More

10 Ways to Read More
10 Ways to Read More

We teach more by what we do than by what we say. Therefore, if I want my children to love to read — they should see me reading! Besides, I still have a lot to learn. Here are 10 easy ways to read more:

1. Make Time

Nothing happens unless we carve out a time slot devoted specifically to it.

2. Get up early.

There is something about the early quiet that enhances a good book.

3. Institute a “reading time.”

Take a break in the afternoon. Make a time when the entire household can be quiet and rest. While your children are resting, you rest…and read!

4. Maintain a reading list.

Reading is much easier when you already know what you want to read.

5. Keep books handy.

If you need to run by the library, schedule that time, too. Have a stack to work through, or Kindle files ready to go.

6. Read a favorite … again.

Our recommended reading list reflects those books I’ve likely read more than once. In some cases, significantly so!

7. Read more than one title at a time.

You might have a biography, a book of interest, and a fictional title all going at once. This is easier when you set aside a specific time to read a specific type of book.

8. Share.

It is fun to share what we have read — narration for adults. And our enthusiasm spurs enthusiasm in another.

9. Read aloud.

Keep the TV off. Make time as a family to enjoy books together.

10. Go audio.

Great for long car trips.

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