8 Reasons to Schedule in Blocks

8 Reasons to Schedule in Blocks
8 Reasons to Schedule in Blocks

1. You want to avoid the tyranny of the urgent.

By having already set aside a block of time to attack things that come up, you can focus on those things you planned to do with peace of mind — knowing that you have a time set aside for those things that come up unexpectedly.

2. You would like to enjoy a less chaotic day.

Focus, order, priorities, routine, habits — sounds like a schedule.

3. You want to avoid nagging.

Your family members can know in advance where they need to be doing what without your constantly reminding them.

4. You want to get more done.

Setting aside even a 15-minute block each day for a task means the task WILL eventually get done.

5. You know that if you want something to happen you have to schedule it.

Likewise, if you don’t schedule it — it won’t happen.

6. You like switching gears throughout the day.

Blocks can be scheduled by alternating active/passive activities, projects that require thinking with those that do not, and activities you prefer with those you do not.

7. You need time for yourself.

And whether to work on a hobby, to exercise, to read God’s Word, or just to breathe, you know the only way you’ll find it is to schedule it. Yep. You don’t need to hide in the bathroom. Have a “reading time” scheduled each day. While the family is quiet reading, you can have time for yourself. Tip: Use it for reading!

8. You understand that by scheduling in blocks you will have time for your must-dos.

These can change over time or over a week or even day by day. But the point is if you schedule time for your top three — you’ll find time in the day to get your top three done.

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