5 Reasons to Use Living Books

5 Reasons to Use Living Books

5 Reasons to Use Living Books

Rich literature can become the backbone of our child’s education. A living book carries the main ideas, but presents them in an interesting, engaging, and memorable way! Here are 5 reasons to use living books:

1. Living Books Improve Our Skills

By engaging with the books we read, we practice reading, thinking, writing, and understanding.

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Ideas for interacting with the books we read.


2. Living Books Make Us Think

They carry the ideas that make us think, encourage us to discuss, and help us work out ideas and place them in a larger framework.


3. Living Books Encourage Reading

Living books provide the basis for a lifelong love of reading!

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And it starts with great literature!


4. Living Books Keep Us Together

Living books cement families as they enjoy picking up a good book and following it together.

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Start your own family read-aloud!


5. Living Books Make Us Who We Are

Someone once said that the only difference between the person I was yesterday and the person I will be tomorrow are the books I read. Reading deliberately, then, makes sense. Start here.


Learn more about living books — what they are and why to read them, along with resources — on our Living Books page.


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