Things to Do: March

Things to Do: March

Enjoy the spring with lots of free units, free books, notebooking helps, and great finds!

  1. Climb Mt. Rushmore (March 3).
  2. Read more! Here are 10 ideas.
  3. Find your way around a map (March 5).
  4. Try scheduling in blocks.
  5. Study the periodic table of elements (March 6).
  6. As you think ahead to next year, avoid serving up a generic education.
  7. Take a trip to Antarctica (March 7).
  8. Avoid burnout (6 tips).
  9. Dissect the telephone (March 10).
  10. Incorporate living books — here’s why.
  11. Visit the state of Maine (March 15).
  12. Encourage your children to engage in a lifelong reading habit.
  13. Learn more about James Madison (March 16).
  14. Thinking about next year? Here are 5 tips for making your curriculum choices easier.
  15. Explore the world of satellites (March 17).
  16. Understand the equinox (March 20).
  17. Listen to and learn from the music of Bach (March 21).
  18. Discover the music of Fanny Crosby (March 24).
  19. Visit the state of West Virginia (March 26).
  20. Explore an oil well (March 29).
  21. Visit the Eiffel Tower (March 31).
  22. Download these free eBooks {and go-alongs!}:
  23. Find 10 ways to use notebooking!
  24. Construct a birdhouse.
  25. Make use of these great finds:


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