10 Evaluation Interview Questions

10 Evaluation Interview QuestionsOne often-overlooked tool in evaluating the success of any particular homeschool year is a simple, informal interview with each child. By spending time with our children all day, we probably already have a good idea of what their thoughts will be in general — along with their specific thoughts on a particular subject! Sometimes, they just might (and do) surprise us. You can use these 10 evaluation interview questions to get you started.

Obviously the purpose is not simply to ask questions, but to initiate a more in-depth and revealing conversation. With that in mind, informality is the key — a simple discussion instead of an inquisition.

Again, these ten sample questions will get you started, but you’ll want to make the list your own to fit your unique family and each unique child:

  1. Favorite subject? Why?
  2. Least favorite subject? Why?
  3. Favorite thing that you do each day? Why?
  4. Least favorite thing that you do each day? Why?
  5. Who is your favorite author? What do you like most about him/her?
  6. What one thing did you learn that you did not know before?
  7. In what skill area do you think you have made the most improvement?
  8. In what skill area(s) would you like to do better? What ideas do you have that might help you improve in that area?
  9. Name one thing you haven’t yet studied that interests you.
  10. What interests and skills would you like to develop next year? What tools will you need to help you develop those interests and skills?