Things to Do: February

Things to Do: February

Enjoy the winter with lots of free units, free books, and great finds!

  1. Find out if the groundhog sees his shadow (February 2)!
  2. Overcome the February blahs!
  3. Get ready for spring with our free garden unit study.
  4. Travel west with the pioneers (February 3).
  5. Fly with the Wright brothers.
  6. Color through The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
  7. Take a trip through Massachusetts (February 6).
  8. Learn more about horses with our free horse unit study.
  9. Use these 7 lessons to teach writing.
  10. Travel over the prairie with Laura Ingalls Wilder (February 7).
  11. Simplify by learning the difference between skill subjects and content subjects.
  12. Step into the future with a free Jules Verne unit (February 8).
  13. Measure something.
  14. Celebrate the birth of Charles Lamb with a free Tales from Shakespeare unit study (February 10).
  15. Use these 6 ways to encourage your child to pursue his interests.
  16. Explore Onomatopoeia!
  17. Learn more about Abraham Lincoln (February 12).
  18. Find a good book.
  19. Celebrate Presidents Day (February 15).
  20. Enjoy a free mini-unit study based on Aesop’s “The Fox and the Grapes.”
  21. Travel down the Suez Canal (February 17).
  22. Make use of one of these 7 scholarly search engines.
  23. Learn how the U.S. Postal Service works (February 20).
  24. Explore these 14 ways to plan studies around your student’s interest.
  25. Download these free eBooks {and go-alongs!}:
  26. Learn more about our calendar (February 24).
  27. Provide time for your child to develop his interests.
  28. Find out why we have a leap day (February 29).
  29. Make use of these great finds:


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