Classics in Words of One Syllable {Free eBooks}

Classics in Words of One Syllable {Free eBooks}
Classics in Words of One Syllable {Free eBooks}

If you are looking for quality reading material for your young reader, you may appreciate these free public domain classics told in words of one syllable.

There are several reasons to have our children read abridged versions of classics:

  1. Reading versions they understand builds early interest.
  2. While there are few reasons to read an abridged version aloud, children do enjoy books they can read themselves. Abridged versions fill that need.
  3. Readable quality literature develops an early taste for quality literature.
  4. Reading the classics in understandable language provides a foundation for later learning.
  5. Children enjoy reading books that are not “dumbed down” and that adults would read.
  6. It can be hard to find quality easy reading material for the young reader.

Keep in mind, some versions are abridged to cut the work down to size, avoid lengthy descriptions, and “boring” terms. Naturally, there are different types of abridged works — some that are certainly best to be avoided. So while we wouldn’t want to torture our children with dry uninspired works, we can look for those abridged works that retain the flavor of the author’s original but, in this case, are told in easy-to-understand language.

These abridged versions are geared toward early readers.

If your young readers are still looking for more, you might also be interested in these histories in words of one syllable: