Things to Do: January

Things to Do: January

Start the new year with free units, cozy books, indoor activities, and more!

  1. Visit Alaska (January 3).
  2. Travel through history with the Tree in the Trail and fly high with Seabird {free go-alongs}.
  3. Visit Connecticut (January 9).
  4. Nature study in winter? You bet! Try these 10 winter nature study activities.
  5. Become a better editor of your child’s writing.
  6. Learn more about Desert Storm (January 17).
  7. Snuggle up with these winter reading list favorites.
  8. And while you are at it, you may also enjoy these 6 free books for winter reading.
  9. Spend the day with Winnie-the-Pooh (January 18).
  10. Explore these unique places to find books for your children in the public domain.
  11. Probe the depths of the ocean (January 23).
  12. Learn to sew.
  13. Celebrate Australia Day (January 26).
  14. Teach your children how to write clearly and take advantage of these writing helps.
  15. Experiment with Edison’s incandescent light bulb (January 27).
  16. Download these free eBooks {and go-alongs!}:
  17. Visit Kansas (January 29).
  18. Build a better speller.
  19. Make use of these great finds: