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Christmas Story Paper {Free}

Christmas Story Paper {Free}These free Christmas story paper selections at are a great find for those who wish to keep their children writing during the month of December while enjoying the holiday season.

During the month of December, our goals boiled down to some combination of:

  • Keep learning.
  • Keep a flexible, light schedule.
  • Enjoy the change of pace that the Christmas season brings.

We found several ways to accomplish this and the methods tended to vary each year. Often we would pull out a Christmas unit study, sometimes we would try a new Christmas-related activity each day, always we would read through our favorite Christmas read-alouds and other literature, and of course, we wrote something every day.

This Christmas story paper at is a perfect fit — a way to celebrate the Christmas season, keep it simple, and write something every day!

Your children can use the free downloads to copy a favorite selection that fits the theme, copy a favorite Christmas carol, or write a brief story about what is happening in the picture. There are eight different Christmas-themed pages to choose from.

You’ll also want to visit their Nativity story paper page where you’ll find 10 more Nativity-themed options.

Perfect gift for the busy DIY homeschool handy mom this Christmas!


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