The Inuits {Free Unit Study}

The Inuits {Free Unit Study}

The Inuits {Free Unit Study}

With the cold weather coming up, maybe now is a good time to study how people in colder climates live. Enjoy this free unit study on the Inuits!

The Inuit: A Complete Unit Study by Paula Miller, a unit that originally appeared in Home School Enrichment Magazine, begins with a short vignette that gives us a peak into Eskimo life through a young girl named Kirima. After further background information, students learn more about Inuits through:

  • Math
  • Bible study.
  • Reading.
  • Science.

Some of the activities included are:

  • Researching animals that live near the Arctic circle.
  • Making Sno Cream.
  • Learning about the Iditarod.
  • Building an igloo.
  • Discovering permafrost.
  • Learning more about the Inuit words we have in our vocabulary.
  • Copying and memorizing Bible verses.

This is a great beginning to a study on Eskimos that you can expand with a few of the resources below — and it is free!



Building an Igloo
Linked in the article.

Sugar Cube Igloo
Link in original is no longer active, but this is the archived version.

Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Young People {Free}
Contains a unique recipe for Eskimo Igloo Cake!

IditarodThe Iditarod: A Unit Study
Our free unit study has all you need to draw the map and answer the other questions in the unit!

Activity: Collect Vocabulary
Options for interacting with the vocabulary list.



The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of BaltoBalto
A Step-Into-Reading account for young children.

The First Book of EskimosThe First Book of Eskimos by Benjamin Brewster
Delightfully illustrated look at Eskimo life from the viewpoint of an Eskimo boy named Pipak who lives in a village on Baffin Island. Free in the public domain. Read our full review.


Unit Studies & Lesson Plans

Alaska: A Unit StudyAlaska: A Unit Study
Our free unit on Alaska includes a bit of background information on the Eskimos and animals of the area.

Free History Studies: Elisha Kane & the Arctic
Part of our free history studies that cover the animals of the Arctic.