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Summer Fun Activity: Photographic Wrap-Up

Summer Fun Activity: Photographic Wrap-Up

Summer Fun Activity: Photographic Wrap-Up

Here is a summer fun activity with purpose: create a photographic summer wrap-up collage!

Have your child take digital pictures of those things he most enjoyed during the summer. The pictures can be of souvenirs, keepsakes, collections, places, or other reminders.

Another option is to collect photos from online sources. For example, if your child’s favorite event was visiting the Grand Canyon, you’ll find many suitable photos online if you don’t have one on hand.

There are free software packages that can be used to make a collage or you can use one of the free online options to make a photo collage that can be printed and placed in a decorative notebook.

A creative way to avoid the “what I did this summer” report!

Additional Resources

The free online collage maker we used for the picture above.

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10 Things to Do With Your Child’s Artwork
Other non-collage options.

Summer Fun Activity: Summer Memory Jar
A tactile option.

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It will go faster than you think!

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