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What Are Your Children Learning From Your Example?


What Are Your Children Learning From Your Example?What we teach has far less to do with what we say than with what (or Who) our lives reflect.

Are they learning the joys and blessings of a life submitted to God’s Word and His will, or do they only hear about your frustrations and disappointments? Do they see you resting in the comfort of God’s sovereignty, or consumed with worry and despair? Are they learning the value of righteousness, faithfulness, and hard work? Or are they learning to be liars, cheats, and hypocrites?

Your children might sit under the faithful preaching of the Word, and you may have faithfully trained them to understand the truth of the gospel. But what are they learning by observing your life day in and day out? What is the testimony of your life teaching them about being godly, faithful men and women?

Dr. MacArthur gives us instruction from the book of Proverbs and encouragement for sticking to the end.

Your household is the most important schoolroom your children will ever know. And the lessons they learn don’t begin and end when you crack open the family Bible. They are always watching and learning from your example—often without even realizing it. That’s a tremendous responsibility and opportunity for Christian parents—one that we must make the most of, for God’s glory and our children’s good.

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I strive to walk in the Spirit so that I never have to see my children suffer through the ramifications of “do what I say, not what I do.” I seek God’s wisdom and rest in His grace as little eyes are watching.