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10 Favorite Activities {2015–2016}

10 Favorite Activities {2015–2016}

10 Favorite Activities {2015–2016}

Ten favorite activities from the archives:


1. Activity: Balancing a CheckbookBalancing a Checkbook



2. Chart the WeatherActivity: Chart the Weather



3. Make Your Own ABC BookActivity: Make Your Own ABC Book



4. Napkin FoldingNapkin Folding



5. 5 Tips for Drawing Realistic Animals5 Tips for Drawing Realistic Animals



6. Activity: Preparing a 1040 Income Tax Form



7. Activity: Pyramid Poem {Learning Alliteration}Activity: Pyramid Poem {Learning Alliteration}



8. 5 Ways to Develop an Electronic Interest5 Ways to Develop an Electronic Interest



9. TracingActivity: Tracing



10. Activity: Create a Timeline NotebookActivity: Create a Timeline Notebook



Our activities draw on simple and natural ways to develop skills and learn concepts. View them all!

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