10 Favorites from The Library {2015–2016}

10 Favorites from The Library {2015–2016}

Top 10 favorite books from The Library archives:


1.  Self-Teaching Handwriting Course {Free}Self-Teaching Handwriting Course {Free}



2.  Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales {Free eBooks}Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales {Free eBooks}



3. The Original Boxcar Children {Free eBook}The Original Boxcar Children {Free eBook}




4. Drawing for Beginners {Free eBook}Drawing for Beginners {Free eBook}



5. Drawing Made Easy {Free eBook}Drawing Made Easy {Free eBook}



6. The Velveteen Rabbit {Free eBook & Activities}The Velveteen Rabbit {Free eBook & Activities}



7. What to Draw and How to Draw It {Free eBook}What to Draw and How to Draw It {Free eBook}



8. Dinah Zike’s Foldables {Free}Dinah Zike's Foldables {Free}



9. Book Study: The Little Red Hen {Free eBook & Activities}Book Study: The Little Red Hen {Free eBook & Activities}



10. American Boy’s Handy Book {Free eBook}The American Boys Handy Book {Free eBook}




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