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The Twenty-One Balloons {$1.99}

The Twenty-One Balloons {$1.99}

The Twenty-One Balloons by William Pene du Bois is a Newbery winner that frequently finds itself on homeschool reading lists such as Veritas Press, Memoria Press, and Sonlight. The Puffin Modern Classics edition is now available in digital format for only $1.99.

The Twenty-One Balloons is a well-written, humorous yarn about Professor Sherman’s balloon ride that lands him in an “undisclosed location” and an explosive situation! Lots of technical details to pore over for the more science-minded, and an imaginative read for the more literary-minded.

Originally published in 1947, this fantasy-adventure story will be enjoyed by young and old alike. And it makes a great summer read-aloud!


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