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American Pioneers {Free Unit Study}

American Pioneers {Free Unit Study}

“American Pioneers: Their Lives and Times” by Jodie Wolfe is a free unit study covering the day-to-day living experiences of the pioneers as they settled the West along with other events that were happening concurrently in America, and is available in the March/April 2016 edition of Home School Enrichment magazine. (Just scroll on over to page 44.)

The unit includes Bible, English, science, geography, health, math, art, and music through a variety of research projects and activities, including:

  • Researching the character of those in the Bible who left their homes.
  • Sharing a fun family read-aloud about pioneers.
  • Exploring the invention of the telegraph and the role the railways played in settling the West.
  • Learning about China, Antarctica, and the states that joined the Union in the 1840s.
  • Researching some of the health challenges faced by the pioneers.
  • Exploring the invention of the sewing machine.
  • Playing a game of marbles like the pioneers.
  • And many, many more!

You’ll find helpful go-alongs below.

This free unit makes a nice jumping off-point to several of our Westward Expansion units — and it’s free!

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