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Summer: Yet 24 More Ways to Keep 'em Learning!

Summer: Yet 24 More Ways to Keep ’em Learning!

Summer: Yet 24 More Ways to Keep 'em Learning!

Wondering what to do this summer to keep minds sharp and hands busy? Here are yet more ways to keep them learning!

  1. Have fun with Harry.
  2. Fly a kite.
  3. Save the world.
  4. Follow some bees.
  5. Listen to Aesop while traveling.
  6. Build a birdhouse.
  7. Brush up on your Spanish.
  8. Look for bugs.
  9. Build a thingamajig.
  10. Watch a train work.
  11. Learn about the birds in your area.
  12. Tune in a radio.
  13. Build a parachute.
  14. Climb a tree.
  15. Explore the world.
  16. Look for sun dogs.
  17. Draw something.
  18. Enjoy a new twist on Mother Goose.
  19. Plug something in.
  20. Search for plants.
  21. Bird watch.
  22. Get stuck on a desert island.
  23. Listen to music.
  24. Chase butterflies.

Bonus ideas:

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“22 Ways to Learn During the Summer”
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