Port-to-Port Ship’s Journey Curriculum {Free}

Port-to-Port Ship’s Journey Curriculum {Free}

Port-to-Port Ship's Journey Curriculum {Free}

Port to Port: A Ship’s Journey curriculum is a free course from Nauticus, a Newport harbor museum, where students track a real ship in real time as it makes its way from its home port to its port of call.

Along the way, students:

  • Create a ship’s log.
  • Explore latitude and longitude.
  • Learn weather terms.
  • Adopt a ship and learn about its characteristics.
  • Learn about the home port and the port of call of their ship.
  • Plot the ship’s course on a map.
  • Determine the distance traveled.
  • Study the environmental impacts of ships.

This unit incorporates math, science, language arts, geography, and economics in five lessons.

The ship’s log is a unique take on notebooking! A fun way to learn about transportation, ships, the sea, and places around the world. And it’s free!

Update: The site with lessons has been archived, but you can still access handouts: