Homeschooling: Taking the Road Less Traveled

Homeschooling: Taking the Road Less Traveled

Homeschooling: Taking the Road Less Traveled

Dear children,

We’re taking the road less traveled. Here’s why.

This time of year typically finds a new group of families considering homeschooling their children for the first time. Along with wondering how it works (is it even legal?) and where you find books, they typically also have a variety of concerns: cost, academic quality, social concerns, time, and more. But there is a more important question to be answered: Why homeschool?

Families homeschool for a variety of reasons, but for the Christian family the reasons typically include:

  • Instilling our faith.
  • Academics.
  • Positive socialization.
  • Family relationships.

While homeschooling is far more accepted than it once was, many will still grapple with that initial decision.

If that is where you are, read our Still on the Fence? page where we try to answer some of those concerns.

And then head on over to Home School Enrichment magazine for an excellent article by homeschool graduate and dad Israel Wayne. Read the open letter to his children explaining why he and his wife educate them at home. (Type in pg. 80 in the navigation box at the bottom. Free registration required.)

…Home education is not something we have chosen for you in any kind of random or haphazard way. We have given careful and biblically deliberate time and thought to what we believe best fits what God instructs us to do in His Word. Our prayer is that through you and your lives, generations who have not even been born yet will be led to Christ.