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15 Enriching Ideas for Spring 2016

15 Enriching Ideas for Spring 2016

15 Enriching Ideas for Spring 2016

As one year winds down and we reach for ideas for a new year, here are 15 ways to enrich learning — enriching ideas for developing writing, studying nature, improving thinking skills, evaluating progress, and lots more!

  1. Build a better writer.
  2. Improve concentration.
  3. Memorize Scripture.
  4. Study nature.
  5. Develop an independent researcher.
  6. Develop a better thinker — practically speaking.
  7. Build a better speller.
  8. Incorporate geography.
  9. Inspire a prewriter.
  10. Develop the younger student’s writing.
  11. Evaluate progress.
  12. Use writing prompts.
  13. Incorporate poetry.
  14. Preschool the natural way.
  15. Love, do, & think every day.

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