What is My Vocation?

What is My Vocation?

What is My Vocation?

Perhaps the answer lies in the way we ask the question.

How do we know our vocation?

Strictly speaking—and contrary to the way we pressure young people to ‘decide’ what they are going to do when they grow up—a vocation is not something we choose for ourselves. Rather, it is given by God, who ‘calls’ us to a particular work or station. God gives each individual unique talents, skills, and inclinations.

He also puts each individual in a unique set of external circumstances, which are understood as having been providentially arranged by God.

Gene Edward Veith, The Spirituality of the Cross

So our children can know that they don’t have to decide what they will do for the rest of their lives. The question can be: what are they doing?

Another great reason to have your children begin developing their talents and skills at an early age!