12 Fun Ways to Learn with Kites

April is National Kite Month. With little ones antsy to get out and enjoy the warmer weather and get a head start on celebrating the end of a learning term, here are 12 fun ways you can go fly a kite — and learn something along the way.

1. Enjoy a kite unit study.


2. Read books about kites.


3. Learn the history of kite flying.


4. Learn how others used kites in their experiments.


5. Learn more about the wind.


6. Learn about the things that make a kite fly!


7. Experiment.


8. Study the anatomy of a kite.


9. Learn how the bridle point makes a difference.


10. Learn how a tail helps stabilize the kite.


11. Build a kite!


12 Fun Ways to Learn with Kites12. Fly!