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MacArthur Daily Bible {$2.99}

MacArthur Daily Bible {$2.99}

If you visit our Bible Study Tools post, you will find a reference to The MacArthur Daily Bible which is available to read online at no cost. For those interested, you can now get the eBook version for only $2.99.

Unlike the online version, the eBook version includes the complete text of each reading along with hyperlinked references.

When it comes to being deliberate, The MacArthur Daily Bible is one of our favorite study tools. Each day includes a reading from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. This is an easy way to read the Bible through in one year (or longer depending on how you schedule the readings). Inline notes are included throughout, with one longer note at the end of each day’s reading.

The MacArthur Daily Bible has been a big hit in our home in both the print version and the eBook version. Highly recommended and a great deal!


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