Free Music Studies: Chronological Timeline & Review

Free Music Studies: Child's Own Book of Great Musicians
Free Music Studies: Child's Own Book of Great Musicians

We covered the Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians series in alphabetical order from Bach to Wagner. However, many may prefer to approach these wonderful free music studies in chronological order to help give a better sense of:

  • The contemporaries of each composer.
  • The period that each composer worked in.
  • The changes classical music went through during the nearly 200 years of music covered in the series.

Below you’ll find the composers listed in chronological order to help those who wish to work through the free music studies in this way.

We are also including other resources that help round out the studies by way of review.

Chronological Timeline

Composer’s Timeline
Interactive from that includes simultaneous events going on in the world.


First Studies in Music Biography by Thomas Tapper
Free eBook that tracks nicely with the series, offering hundreds of oral and written narration questions for eight of the twelve composers above — great for review!

Unit Studies & Lesson Plans

This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Music
Core Knowledge lesson plan that compares different periods of music history by studying several of the composers above.

Applying Musical Processes to Composition
Lesson plan for older students from San Jose State University that analyzes the music of Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn.

Printables & Notebooking Pages

Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians Notebooking Pages
Simple pages that can be used for copywork, narrations, or wrapping up.

Enjoy the entire series: