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Physicus: A Fun Way to Learn Physical Science

Physicus: A Fun Way to Learn Physical Science

In Physicus the premise goes like this: A meteorite has hit the earth, throwing it out of rotation — leaving one half in the freezing cold and the other in the blinding sun. To reverse the situation, you have to generate enough electricity to create an enormous impulse with the impulse machine to start the earth rotating again. To accomplish this, you have to get the generators working — finding all of the pieces that have been scattered everywhere. Once the generators are working, you must use the correct voltage and current to operate the impulse machine. Along the way you learn and use basic principles of physical science:

  • Sound.
  • Levers.
  • Light.
  • Heat.
  • Electricity.
  • Force.

Amazingly enough, F=M*A is still remembered around here simply because of this game!

The game is created for players ages 10–102. Some offer this one up a bit too early. Players really need to have their math skills developed enough to use the formulas. It also helps to have a bit of the science down first. You’ll need it! But don’t worry, an in-game manual will help you learn the basics.

Physicus is a great way to put textbook knowledge to “practical” use, demonstrating the principles of physical science. It is an educational game — not an entertaining escape. In other words, you’ll have to plug your brain in and do some work. As such, we highly recommend it!

Caveat: This game has been around for a while. If you decide to purchase, make sure you get a version that will work on your platform.