The First Book of Trees {Free eBook}

The First Book of Trees {Free eBook}

The First Book of Trees by M. B. Cormack is another great selection in the “The First Book of” series published by Franklin Watts in the 1950s  — a series designed to provide a first look at a wide variety of topics — that is no longer under copyright and is in the public domain.

In this book, readers are provided an introductory look at trees, including:

  • The various products we get from trees.
  • How to tell a tree from another plant.
  • What each part of the tree does.
  • How trees scatter their seeds.
  • How trees turn color in the fall.
  • A close look at each part of a tree.
  • What makes a tree ever green.
  • What makes a tree grow where it grows.
  • How to protect trees.
  • And much, much more!

Scattered throughout the pages is an identification guide of sorts — helpful to identifying the various types of trees and where you are likely to find them. The index in the back will help you quickly find a specific tree.

Many of the illustrations work great for creating a tree notebook.

The First Book of Trees makes an excellent addition to our free nature studies. Another easy-to-use tool for the homeschool handy-mom — and it’s free!

Free eBook
The First Book of Trees {Free eBook}
  • Read one section at a sitting. Then have your child narrate what he learned.
  • Ask him to create a tree notebook and decorate the cover.
  • The narrations can be held inside the notebook.
  • Include diagrams such as the tree factory on pg 8. These can be printed or the child can draw them himself.
  • Create a notebook page for each tree in the book.
  • Get outside. How many trees can you find where you live?

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