Why Education Starts With the Heart

Why Education Starts With the Heart

Why Education Starts With the Heart

When reading through a couple of books by favorite homeschool mentors, one thing that stood out to me is the premise at which they start. Education can mean nearly anything these days. But a true education has to begin on a true foundation. Apparently these two different mentors frequently found that, to some homeschool moms seeking their support, that foundation was a stumbling block.

A true education has to:

  • Begin with something more foundational than the right books.
  • Reach for something more informing than facts.
  • Measure something more intrinsic than performance.
  • Value something more eternal than grades.

The bottom line:

If you don’t start with the heart, education falls apart.

My friend, the gospel rests upon a tremendous fact, and that fact is the total depravity of man. In other words, man is a lost sinner. A contemporary educator has put it something like this:

Where education assumes that the moral nature of man is capable of improvement, traditional Christianity assumes that the moral nature of man is corrupt and absolutely bad. Where it is assumed in education that an outside human agent may be instrumental in the moral improvement of men, in traditional Christianity it is assumed that the agent is God, and even so, the moral nature of man is not improved but exchanged for a new one.

Man is in such a state that he cannot be saved by perfect obedience — because he cannot render it. Neither can he be saved by imperfect obedience — because God will not accept it.

Dr. J. Vernon McGhee

Education starts with the heart because without a heart change we cannot be educated.