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Finding Your Identity

Finding Your Identity

We often hear that God loves people unconditionally and wants them to be all they want to be. He wants to fulfill every desire, hope, and dream. Personal ambition, personal fulfillment, personal gratification — these have all become part of the language of evangelical Christianity — and part of what it means to have a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” Instead of teaching the New Testament gospel — where sinners are called to submit to Christ — the contemporary message is exactly the opposite: Jesus is here to fulfill all your wishes….

The New Testament understanding of the believer’s relationship to Christ could not be more opposite. He is the Master and Owner. We are His possessions. He is the King, the Lord, and the Son of God. We are His subjects and His subordinates.

Dr. John MacArthur

As Dr. MacArthur states:

Scripture describes us as:

  • Aliens and strangers of God.
  • Citizens of heaven.
  • Lights to the world.

We are:

  • Heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.
  • Members of His body.
  • Sheep in His flock.
  • Ambassadors in His service.
  • Friends around His table.

We are called to:

  • Compete like athletes.
  • Fight like soldiers.
  • Abide like branches in a vine.
  • Desire His Word as newborn babies long for milk.


Bear your testimony, then, you followers of the Lamb, and be not afraid to acknowledge His name! Though hypocrites have said it, you need not blush to say it—for it is most true that Jesus is both Lord and God. Say “Lord, Lord” with unfaltering tongue!

Say it daily by your actions. Have respect unto your Master and let others see that you respect Him. Do this good action because Christ bids you. Refuse to do that evil thing because Christ forbids you. Move in that line because He leads the way. Refuse that other line because you do not see His footprints there. Let all men see that you practically say, “Lord, Lord,” whenever you think of Jesus. This is the very spirit of Christianity—to do what Christ bids us—and to honor Him in heart and lip and life forevermore!

Charles Spurgeon

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