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"Natural" Language Arts Scope and Sequence {Free}

“Natural” Language Arts Scope and Sequence {Free}

"Natural" Language Arts Scope and Sequence {Free}

One of the problems with doing things the “natural” way is also one of its key benefits — freedom. We do hear occasionally from those homeschool moms who really like the idea of educating their children in a more natural way, but who also struggle to find the structure necessary to implement any plan. Structure — routines, foundations, realistic and attainable goals, purpose, schedules, etc. — is crucial to implementing any educational plan.

In serving the child, we want to go at his pace. And yet we realize we need to HAVE a pace. We need to have measurable goals in mind that we are reaching toward, and be able to assess when those goals have been met.

When we repeat have your child “write every day,” there are those who will take that goal to heart and fly with it, and then there are those who think — and then what? In other words, some of us seem to have the structure built in and others need to be able to operate within a framework already laid out.

With all of this in mind, when it comes to Language Arts the Natural Way (reading great writers and developing writing skills by writing) those who are looking for that framework might appreciate this scope and sequence at This is very similar to the way we approached language arts in our home. The scope and sequence, based on the works of Charlotte Mason, provides a general guideline (grades 1–12) for when to include:

  • Reading instruction.
  • Oral narration.
  • Copywork.
  • Written narration.
  • Dictation.
  • Typing.
  • Formal grammar.
  • Composition.
Beechick Basics

You’ll find an even more detailed plan (Grades K–3) in A Strong Start in Language by Ruth Beechick, which gives grade-level guidelines and a list of levels of difficulties from easy to hard that can be used in preparing lessons.

These language arts guidelines are great helps to DIY homeschool handy moms!

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