Rejuvenate This Summer

Whether you are taking a couple of months off or a week or two break, summer is a great time to get rejuvenated! Here are a few tips to help you rejuvenate this summer:


Sizzling Summers {8 Ideas for Making the Most of Summer}
Ways to get the most out of a summer vacation.

Summer School for Mom Series
Loads of ideas and resources beginning with laying the foundation, and moving on to creating a learning atmosphere, touring the methods, setting goals, choosing materials, creating a schedule, and evaluating. Great resource for the homeschooled mom!



Why Your Children Need You to Remain Creative
Creative? Who, me?

12 Ideas for Inspiring Creativity
Get out of a rut and be ready to liven things up a bit!

18 Tips for Remaining Creative and Inspired
How to stay that way.



Planning for a New Year
Tips for successful planning.

Educational Bucket List – 6 Things To Do Each Day
Start your own list for the upcoming year.

14 Ways to Plan Studies Around an Interest
Keep each individual child in mind.

Homeschool 101 {Free eBook}
Ideas and forms.