Rejuvenate This Summer

Rejuvenate This Summer

Whether you are taking a couple of months off or a week or two break, summer is a great time to get rejuvenated! Here are a few tips to help you rejuvenate this summer:


Sizzling Summers {8 Ideas for Making the Most of Summer}Sizzling Summers {8 Ideas for Making the Most of Summer}
Ways to get the most out of a summer vacation.

Summer School for MomSummer School for Mom Series
Loads of ideas and resources beginning with laying the foundation, and moving on to creating a learning atmosphere, touring the methods, setting goals, choosing materials, creating a schedule, and evaluating. Great resource for the homeschooled mom!



Why Your Children Need You to Remain CreativeWhy Your Children Need You to Remain Creative
Creative? Who, me?

12 Ideas for Inspiring Creativity
Get out of a rut and be ready to liven things up a bit!

18 Tips for Remaining Creative & Inspired!18 Tips for Remaining Creative and Inspired
How to stay that way.



Planning for a New Year
Tips for successful planning.

Educational Bucket List – 6 Things To Do Each Day
Start your own list for the upcoming year.

14 Ways to Plan Studies Around an Interest
Keep each individual child in mind.

Homeschool 101 {Free eBook}
Ideas and forms.