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10 Reasons Why You are Your Child's Best Teacher

10 Reasons Why You are Your Child’s Best Teacher

10 Reasons Why You are Your Child's Best Teacher

  1. You don’t have to worry about school reform, specialized training, educational psychology, classroom management, or a host of other burdens teachers today face. You can simply teach your own child.
  2. The best form of education is individualized one-on-one tutoring. That is what we do when we educate our children at home.
  3. Because you are your child’s parent. You are your child’s best mentor, coach, and cheerleader.
  4. You already know how to best motivate your child — you’ve been doing it for years!
  5. You have the freedom and flexibility to take advantage of an entire toolbox of tools that will help your child learn what he needs to learn.
  6. You have the flexibility to go at your child’s own pace — fast or slow — in each and every subject.
  7. You can create a schedule that will flex with your family’s needs.
  8. You have time and space to mentor your child in his own interests and guide his individual talents.
  9. You are teaching your child to learn, so that he will have the skills and ability to learn anything on his own.
  10. You are dedicated. Why else would you tackle such a momentous task?

The fact that you know your children so well and you’re dedicated to the job makes you the best teacher your child could have.

Ruth Beechick, Dr. Beechick’s Homeschool Answer Book

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