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"Classical Education for Christians"

“Classical Education for Christians”

"Classical Education for Christians"

“Classical Education for Christians” is an article written by Doug Wilson that originally appeared in Practical Homeschooling Magazine way back in 1993. Despite its date, the principles in the article are still true — and in need of review — today.

Mr. Wilson addresses three approaches to classical education and explains why a Biblical approach to classical education is not only possible, but desirable.

The classically trained Christian student doesn’t have to hide from history. Without worshiping the past, he knows he can—and must—learn from it. In fact, without these studies in history, literature, rhetoric, and theology he will become a slave of the passing popular opinions of our day, incapable of leading others back to the timeless ways of God.

The article includes a helpful chart showing how modern and classical education might look in each of twelve subjects.

We have added this article to our classical education page.

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