Summer: 30 More Ways to Keep ’em Learning!

Summer: Yet 24 More Ways to Keep 'em Learning!

Summer: Yet 24 More Ways to Keep 'em Learning!
Wondering how much rust your children’s skills will accrue over the summer? Here are 30 more ways to keep them learning!

  1. Tie some knots.
  2. Explore a farm.
  3. Star gaze.
  4. Eat some fruits and veggies.
  5. Create a nature walk bracelet.
  6. Make pure water with a solar still.
  7. Identify wildflowers.
  8. Observe the sun (safely, of course).
  9. Make homemade ice cream.
  10. Explore with crayons.
  11. Make your own mosquito repellant.
  12. Learn to sew.
  13. Spend time with Pooh.
  14. Visit the orchestra.
  15. Ride a bike — safely.
  16. Give a mouse a cookie.
  17. Make Teddy-at-the-Beach cupcakes.
  18. Start your own victory garden.
  19. Experiment with watermelon science.
  20. Ride a train.
  21. Cook up a delicious baking and cooking unit study.
  22. Build a sunspot viewer.
  23. Travel with LEGOS.
  24. Feel the heat — by designing and experimenting with a solar water heater.
  25. Go camping.
  26. Experiment with elementary electricity and magnetism.
  27. Enjoy the original Boxcar Children as a family read aloud.
  28. Learn how things fly.
  29. Experiment with paper.
  30. Create a summer memory jar to commemorate all of the fun things you did over the summer!
Bonus ideas:

Summer: 30 Ways to Keep ’em Learning!
The original.

“22 Ways to Learn During the Summer”
More ideas in an article by Jonathan Lewis that originally appeared in Home School Enrichment Magazine.