The Key to Being Truly Productive

The Key to Being Truly Productive

The Key to Being Truly Productive

You sure can tell we are all striving to be productive. Just take a quick glance at the bestsellers online and off. Books abound with quick steps to become more productive. Everybody seems to have a free productivity eBook download. More websites issue bulletins daily with to-dos, quotes, and inspirational pins. You’d think with all of the focus and all of the fanfare we’d all have this productivity thing figured out!

Here is a news flash: Want to be more productive? Just do it.

I can spend hours researching, reading, and learning how to become more productive with my time and days, or I can just stop procrastinating and do that thing that I KNOW I need to do.


But, oh, so hard.

Truth be told, there are days when I think I’d rather read about it. And those days add up. Quickly. And then I find myself searching for ways to be more productive and the vicious cycle begins again.

The Key to Being Truly Productive is Simply to Act

To be productive we actually have to DO something.

My thoughts for accomplishing this are also very simple:

  1. Write down the three things I know I need to get done.
  2. Do them.
  3. If something doesn’t get done, don’t panic, don’t give up, don’t berate myself, and above all — don’t go searching for ways to become more productive! Just add that thing to the top three things to get done the next day.

Life calls for us to be very deliberate. An act is deliberate.