7 Helpful Gardening Resources

7 Helpful Gardening Resources
7 Helpful Gardening Resources

Spring is here, and that means it is gardening time!  If you haven’t already purchased seeds and started seedlings, there is still plenty of time.

And here is a twofer — by planting their own fruits and veggies, and learning what plants need to grow, your children will be much more likely to eat them!

Here are seven helpful gardening resources:

  1. Gardening: A Unit StudyGardening: A Unit Study
    Background information, ideas for getting started, simple gardening guides, vegetable and flower guides, and plenty of activities, books, lesson plans, and printables!
  2. How to Grow a Pizza Garden
    A fun way to introduce children to gardening.
  3. Free Unit: Indoor Gardening
    Perfect for those with little outdoor gardening space.
  4. Fruits & Veggies: A Unit StudyFruits & Veggies: A Unit Study
    Enticing introduction to those things children are just sure they don’t like!
  5. A Little Garden Calendar {Free eBook}
    Cute introduction to gardening for younger children.  The books starts in January, but you can easily catch up learning about the way to properly handle delicate plants, the members of different plant families, root vegetables, the importance of sunlight, pollination, transplanting, weeding, fruits, the three principle parts of a plant, and more — all told through a story!
  6. Get Ready to Garden
    No longer available.
  7. Victory Garden Project {Free Unit Study}
    Teaches students about life during WWII through 30 lessons covering seasons and weather, parts of a plant, the food pyramid, stems, seeds, and more!

Additional Resources

Vegetable Gardening
The basics from 4-H.

Great vegetable guide from HomesteadOnTheRange.com that includes planting, care, harvesting, storage, and seed saving instructions for all of the basic vegetables.


Plant a Garden
Learn a little math along the way with this free printable from JumpStart Math.

From Seed to Plant

From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons
Basics for younger children from a favorite author.

Every Boy’s Book
(And girl’s!)  You’ll find a wonderful section on gardening beginning on page 700 in this large encyclopedia of activities.

The Family Garden Journal {Update}

The Family Garden Journal by Michelle Lindsey
Large 466-page gardening diary that helps a family keep track of plantings, harvestings, bugs (good and bad), to-do lists, tips for the next year, and more! Read our full review.

A Kid’s Spring EcoJournal With Nature Activities for Exploring the Season by Toni Albert
Information and activities include mapping your observation location, creating an observation blind, growing seeds, watching tadpoles grow, caring for wounded wildlife, pressing memories, building a birdhouse, creating special gardens, watching a caterpillar grow, and listening to spring songs, among many others.

Unit Studies & Lesson Plans

Peanut Unit {Free}
Easy and fun to grow!

Free Nature Studies: Our Wonderful World

Plant portion of our free nature studies:

Printables & Notebooking Pages

Garden Critters
Coloring page from Crayola of insects you’ll likely find in your garden.

What Do Plants Need to Grow?
Coloring information sheet from NourishInteractive.com.

What Parts of the Plant Can We Eat?
Another coloring information sheet from NourishInteractive.com.