Short Cuts in Figures ~ Free eBook

Short Cuts in Figures {Free eBook}

Short Cuts in Figures {Free eBook}
One of the things that caught my attention early on in You CAN Teach Your Child Successfully by Ruth Beechick was the attention paid to learning simple arithmetic. Over 100 pages are devoted to arithmetic beginning with a chapter called “Arithmetic is Not Dull” — something most of us might quibble with!

Although you must continually emphasize understanding, there comes a time for memory. Every child should memorize all the addition facts….

You CAN Teach Your Child Successfully by Ruth Beechick

She goes on to teach easy ways to learn the simple addition/subtraction facts.

After all the thinking aids and memory tricks have helped your children learn the addition facts so that they could pass a test with 100% accuracy, they are not through yet. They must now learn the facts so well they can answer each with ease. Build understanding and accuracy first; then drill until the children answer quickly and easily.

You CAN Teach Your Child Successfully by Ruth Beechick

We little realize how greatly we handicap our children when we do not require this type of accuracy!

Once those basic facts are over-learned then she introduces higher-decade adding, bridging, and other concepts that help children see patterns in math that aid calculations.

Short Cuts in Figures by A. Frederick Collins picks up where Dr. Beechick leaves off.

Figuring is the key-note of all business. To know how to figure quickly and accurately is to jack-up the power of your mind, and hence your efficiency, and the purpose of this book is to tell you how to do it.

Short Cuts in Figures by A. Frederick Collins

The author begins with a brief history of arithmetic, covering the vocabulary that will be used down the road. Then he begins showing ways to improve calculating skills:

  • Rapid addition.
  • Rapid subtraction.
  • Short cuts in multiplication.
  • Short cuts in division.
  • Short cuts in fractions.

He even covers extracting square and cubed roots of numbers. “Magic with Figures” covers mathematical tricks that will astound others. Reference tables and formulas are included.

Should you happen to be one of the great majority who find figuring a hard and tedious task it is simply because you were wrongly taught, or taught not at all, the fundamental principles of calculation.

By following the simple instructions herein given you can correct this fault and not only learn the true methods of performing ordinary operations in arithmetic but also the proper use of scientific short cuts by means of which you can achieve both speed and certainty in your work.

Short Cuts in Figures by A. Frederick Collins

Short Cuts in Figures is a great way to prevent “math leak” during the summer months. And it’s free!

Free eBook


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